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Since its inception in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been a cornerstone in raising awareness of the need for focus on mental health. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Mental Health America (MHA) have many interesting articles to help individuals, families, and professionals. It is important to realize how many things can affect our health and wellbeing and it is also helpful to feel empowered to educate ourselves about resources, coping skills, and tools to improve our own health, even in difficult and troubling times.


You have the power to take action to improve your mental health. There are things you can do to build your coping toolbox so you can better manage stress, difficult emotions, and challenging situations. Mental Health America has tools to help you get started. Go to

The book that is noted in the article, Where to Start, is in our Covenant library.

NAMI and NAMI Santa Clara County also have tools, crisis lines and resources to help as well as ways to act to raise awareness:

Vote Like Your Mental Health Depends On It

The 2024 election is a pivotal moment in shaping our nation's future, and Mental Health America has tools to help you prioritize your civic duty and your mental well-being.

With mental health care on the ballot—through party platforms and candidate positions—it is more important than ever to be involved in this year’s elections at all levels.

This voter guide will help ensure that people with mental health and substance use conditions feel empowered and able to vote, that candidates at the federal, state, and local levels are considering the concerns of the mental health community, and that all voters are encouraged to ultimately Vote Like Their Mental Health Depends on It.

Here is the link to the complete information to download the voter’s guide:


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