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Mission & Outreach

On Campus

South Palo Alto Food Closet

Covenant houses and supports the South Palo Alto Food Closet, a neighborhood resource for families and individuals in need, in Room 9.  First Sunday Food donations, Memorial gifts at Christmas and Easter, special needs offerings, and member volunteer helpers, have sustained this local mission for more than 40 years. Visit their website for more information. 

Covenant Children's Center

The non-denominational Covenant Children’s Center has provided weekday care and preschool program for infants and children through kindergarten age in our Sunday School classrooms for 35 years. Visit their website for more information.

Local Community Outreach Programs

Covenant’s facilities are used regularly for community programs like the Scouts, 12-Step programs, i-Sing Silicon Valley, and for other service and cultural programs.

On Campus

Here are some of the local and global organizations we are serving with our offerings and gifts

  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    When you enter the front doors, you will be greeted by a member of the congregation with a warm welcome and a bulletin that explains the worship service. Our sanctuary has open seating.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Our worship service begins on Sundays at 10:30am so it’s best to arrive by 10:25 to be seated before the prelude (opening music) begins.
  • Is the church handicap accessible?
    Handicap parking is available in front of the main sanctuary and there are also visitor parking spots in front. There is more handicap parking in the back parking lot and plenty of regular parking spaces. There is a sidewalk along the breezeway that is flat and handicap accessible to the front door of the sanctuary.
  • How big is the church?
    We are a small to medium size congregation with about 75 to 100 participants in person and on zoom each week.
  • Who goes to your church?
    We value diversity in age and background. Participants range from children through age 99 years. Members are from Palo Alto and the surrounding communities, as well as zoom participants from other parts of California and the US.
  • What should I wear when I visit?
    Our church is an environment where dress code doesn’t matter. Everything from casual to business wear - whatever you are comfortable wearing in church.
  • What is the worship style like?
    We have a standard order of worship (liturgy) that is used every week, which only varies for a special holiday or service. We love music which includes organ and/or piano, and a choir every week and bell choir once a month. Our music director occasionally brings outside instruments, musicians, and choir members to be incorporated into the service. The worship style is a blended style of traditional and contemporary and follows the narrative lectionary. The Narrative Lectionary is a four year reading plan that is designed to be read September through May, following the school year. These readings focus on the narrative from Genesis through Jesus life.
  • What is the preaching like?
    Our pastor has a warm and interesting preaching style that follows the narrative lectionary biblical text but also incorporates a wide range of stories, thoughtful consideration from biblical scholars and contemporary writers, and an emphasis on social justice.
  • May visitors take communion?
    Yes, all are welcome at the communion table.
  • Who can be baptized in your church?
    Anyone can be baptized at Covenant but there is a requirement to meet with the pastor for discussion and preparation. The baptism takes place during a Sunday worship service with the congregation as the witness to the baptism.
  • Are small children welcome? Is childcare available?
    Small children of all ages are welcome in the service. There is not a childcare option currently available however, there is Sunday School class available for children age 5-10years during a portion of the worship service.
  • May I get married at Covenant?
    Getting married at Covenant requires a meeting with the pastor. Please call the church office for further information.
  • How do I join Covenant?
    We would be delighted to discuss membership with you. The pastor will be conducting new member sessions throughout the year. Please contact the church office to schedule the conversation with him or talk to him after the service.

Opportunities for Involvement

Heart and Home

Every year beginning in December, Covenant houses the Heart and Home program clients for 6 weeks, providing food, laundry services, shelter at night and a warm community for 6-12 women who are served by this program. All of the needs are met utilizing volunteers, predominantly from Covenant for this period.

Alternative Gifts

Each December we provide an opportunity for those who are interested to give a donation to one of the many mission organizations we serve. Opportunities for involvement include learning more about these organizations, volunteering on site with them, or donating in exchange for cards to gift in honor or in memory of people on your gift list.

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