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Building a Life, Part Two

Pastor’s Ponderings

July 2024


“Building a Life, Part Two”


In the May newsletter I announced my intention to preach a sermon series on Spiritual Practices during the summer. As I write today, we are now three sermons into the series, and I’ve been encouraged by the discussions that the sermons have sparked (and I know that that’s the Holy Spirit’s doing more than it is mine.)


As I’ve shared before, I believe that there is a deep longing for spiritual depth. When someone says to me, “I’m spiritual but not religious,” further conversation usually reveals a hunger for spiritual depth even though there are misgivings or even deep wounds associated with organized religion. I believe that spiritual practices help us fulfill our spiritual longings.


Spiritual Practices are also a way to explore the depths of our own Christian tradition. The practices we are discussing are hundreds of years old, and there is a real opportunity to learn from the ancient wisdom of our faith.


This month I am happy to announce that our friend the Rev. Libby Boatwright has agreed to preach on three spiritual practices in addition to my ten sermons, which means that every spiritual discipline in which people expressed interest will be covered in the series.


Rev. Libby is a longtime friend to the Covenant congregation, and I know that we will be enriched as she draws from her rich experience as a chaplain and a pastor. One of the practices that she will be preaching about is “Dying Well,” and she has written a book on the subject, titled The Last Things We Talk About


So with great excitement, I’m sharing the list of the remaining spiritual practices that we will explore this summer.


July 7                      “Shaping Communities”         Pastor Jack, preaching

July 14                   “Hospitality”                                    Pastor Jack, preaching

July 21                   “Forgiveness”                                  Rev. Libby, preaching

July 28                   “Dying Well”                                    Rev. Libby, preaching

August 4              “Breaking Bread”                           Pastor Jack, preaching

August 11           “Household Economics”        Rev. Libby, preaching

August 18           “Keeping Sabbath”                       Pastor Jack, preaching

August 25           “Honoring the Body”                   Pastor Jack, preaching

Sept. 1                  “A Rule of Life”                                 Pastor Jack, preaching


I hope to see you in worship this summer as we explore together the ancient practices that help us deepen our faith.

Grace and Peace,


Pastor Jack



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