Christ is Risen!  Christ is Risen Indeed!  Holy Week at Covenant was filled with worship and storytelling as we walked through the most significant events of our faith. On Easter Sunday we witnessed the power of the Resurrection and walked back into the world with lighter steps and hearts ready to serve.

On that first Easter some 2,000 years ago, the disciples faced something quite different. They found themselves in a locked room, grieving their loss, weary from a week filled with tragic events, afraid of what might happen to them. I imagine that one of their greatest worries was trying to explain what had happened.

Some things are hard to explain even when you are a first- hand observer. In a story by Mary Hollingsworth, from a little book titled A Few Hallelujahs for Your Ho Hums, Kim, a precocious three-year-old, stood with her older sisters looking over the fence where a mother cow was about to give birth. They had grown up on the farm, and their mother saw no reason why they shouldn’t have the chance to learn about life up close and personal.

It was a long and difficult birth, but finally after 47 minutes of huffing and puffing, a little white-faced calf was born. The girls’ father and grandfather, along with the mother cow, were all exhausted. Just as the two men leaned against the barn wall to catch their breath and wipe the sweat from their faces, little Kim peered through the rails of the stall and asked a logical three-year-old question.  “Well, Dad, How’d that thing get in there anyway?”

As a mother and grandmother, I can relate to this story. I have heard questions like this before. As a pastor I hear similar questions. During our Confir- mation retreat this spring, I invited our youth to write down anonymous questions that they would like to ask God. Their questions reminded me that we have thoughtful and wise young people in our midst: Why are people mean to those who are different from them?  Is there enough love for everyone?

Long ago I learned that even with diplomas that say I have successfully earned a degree or two in all things faith related, even now I have questions that I would like to ask God. On Easter morning, I am reminded that my questions are not so important. Easter reminds us that we are meant to live our lives as people who know that nothing can separate God’s love from us. Easter invites us to be open to the mysterious ways that God will create a way when there is no way.

So what happens for us after Easter? Now that’s a good question! A faithful answer might sound like this: After Easter, we who know the story are called to live as courageous and bold disciples. We who have learned from Jesus are called to treat others who are different from us with loving kindness and mercy. We who have been given grace upon grace are called to share the love of Christ wherever we go. God calls us into a world of challenges and gifts us with opportunities to live as people who have experienced firsthand a Resurrection!   So let us be on our way!

Christ is Risen!  Christ is Risen Indeed!