The Story of the Woman at the Well

Once, when Jesus was traveling through Samaria, he stopped to rest by a well. When a Samarian woman came to draw water from the well, Jesus asked her for a drink. She was surprised that he spoke to her, because Jesus was a Jew, and the Jews hated Samarians. Then Jesus did something even more surprising. He told the woman if she knew who he was, she would ask him for water – living water. He told her if she drank that water, she would never be thirsty again.

At first, the woman thought Jesus meant actual water. As they talked though, she realized that Jesus meant something else. When we don’t have water, we’re thirsty. We long for water and don’t feel right until we get some. Jesus knew the woman had a different kind of thirst. She was longing for God in her life. She wouldn’t be satisfied until she knew him. As Jesus continued to talk, the woman realized who he was, the Son of God. The longing she had to know God was satisfied, and she ran to share the news with others.