Noah unloading the Ark.HEIC

The Story of Noah

     Once, God looked down on the earth he had made and saw humans had become very wicked. They were so wicked, he was sorry he’d made them. God decided to destroy all the humans on earth. All except a man named Noah and his family. They obeyed God.

      God told Noah to build an ark, and he told him exactly how to do it. When the ark was finished, Noah, his sons and their wives filled the ark with two of every kind of animal and the food they needed to survive, just as God had told them.

     Then God told Noah to go into the ark with his wife, and to take his sons and their wives. Noah obeyed God. After the door to the ark was shut, it began to rain. It rained till floodwaters covered the mountains. Every creature not on the ark, drowned.

     After many days, the rain stopped and the water began to go down. Finally, the day came when Noah could see mountain tops again. Noah sent a raven out. It flew and flew, looking for a place to land. God sent a dove out, but it returned to the ark. Noah waited seven days and sent the dove out again. This time, it returned with a fresh-picked olive leaf in its beak. The earth was drying-up! When Noah sent the dove out a third time, it did not return to the ark.

     God said to Noah, “Come out of the ark with your family. Let all the animals out too!”

     Noah obeyed God. When the ark was empty, Noah built an alter to God, started a fire, and made a sacrifice. God was pleased.

     God made a covenant with Noah. He promised he would never again destroy life on earth with floodwaters.

     “Look,” God said to Noah. “I’m putting my rainbow in the sky. This is a sign that I will always remember my promise to you.”


     I wonder what a covenant is?

     I wonder how Noah was able to do the difficult things God told him to do?

     I wonder why Noah made a sacrifice to God when he got off the ark?

     I wonder how Noah and his family felt, every time they saw a rainbow?