Three figures approach a cave in a garden
An angel stands at the unsealed door of a cave
Mary and Jesus at the open tomb

The Easter Story

The telling of this story was inspired by The Jesus Storybook Bible by
Sally Lloyd-Jones

Very early in the morning, three days after Jesus died, some women were out walking. They were going to the garden where Jesus’ body lay in a tomb. Their hearts were so sad, it felt like they were broken. They hadn’t expected Jesus to die. They thought Jesus was going to save them all, but it seemed he couldn’t even save himself. They were worried too. A huge stone had been rolled in front of the opening to the tomb. How would they get inside to wash Jesus’ body?

To their surprise, the tomb was wide-open. The stone had been rolled away. They were relieved until they looked inside. It was empty. Jesus’ body was gone! A man was there, wearing clothes so sparkling and bright, they looked like they were made of sunlight! (He was really an angel.)

“Tombs are for dead men,” he said. “Jesus is alive!”

The women jumped up and down and shouted with joy. Then they ran as fast as they could to tell the wonderful news to the rest of Jesus’ friends. All except a woman named Mary, that is. She stayed in the garden.

“I have to look for Jesus”, she thought. “I have to find him!”

Mary saw a man, possibly a gardener, and hurried toward him.

“I’m looking for Jesus”, she cried. “I don’t know where he is!”

“Mary,” the man said.

Mary knew that voice. It was her dearest friend - her teacher, the one she called Lord. It was Jesus!

“You’ll be able to touch me later”, said Jesus. “And I will always be close to you. But right now, I want you to run and tell the others I’m alive.”

Mary felt like she could fly! Her heart which had been heavy with grief, was light as a feather. She ran off, praising God, laughing and crying with joy.

I’ll bet they won’t believe me, she thought.

And she was right.