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August 2

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Worship 10:30 am in Zoom

We are still using Zoom video meetings for worship, but as of July a few people can join in person in the church breezeway each week.  Reservations and other health safety measures are required.

Visitors and guests are welcome! Please email the pastor, for the connection info to join us online, or for a reservation to worship in person.  You can join with the Zoom application, with your web browser, or by telephone.

We include our worship media and children's story below for any who cannot join or wish to revisit our worship.  You can also support your church and local missions.

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The Lilies of the Fields

Jesus was talking to a group of people about life, and how to live it God’s way. The people were excited to hear Jesus, but they’d brought all sorts of worries with them. Life can be hard sometimes. People get sick. Sometimes there isn’t enough work, or food, or money. Jesus understood their struggles, but it made him sad to see them so anxious about the future.

“Don’t worry so much,” Jesus said.

They were standing on a hillside. Jesus pointed to a flock of birds who had settled on some bushes and were busy picking seeds off the flower heads.

“Those sparrows don’t plant a garden,” he said. “They don’t harvest crops. Yet God feeds them. Don’t you think you’re worth more to God than a sparrow? Worrying won’t help you live a minute longer!”

Then Jesus pointed to wild flowers that covered the hillside.

“Look at those flowers,” he said. “Aren’t they beautiful? They don’t work. They don’t weave or sew, but not even King Solomon was as well-dressed as they are.”

You could hear giggles. It’d been funny to think of birds filling tiny barns with grain, like hardworking farmers, but imagining flowers putting on robes and tunics each day, made some people laugh out loud.

"If God dresses the flowers so well,” said Jesus. “Flowers that will be dried-up by tomorrow and used to start a fire, don’t you think he’ll take care of you? God knows you need food, drink, and clothing. He’ll help you. Worrying about tomorrow can cause you to miss the blessings of today. Look for God in every moment. He’ll do the rest."


Sharing Our Gifts

Our mission team invite you to make an extra offering supporting local organizations  Ecumenical Hunger Program, the Mountain View Day Worker Center, and the homeless outreach and services organization Life Moves.  All are serving increased need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please give generously, using the button below to visit our online portal or by mailing a check to the church office. Use the memo field of your check or the Notes box in the online giving form to designate special mission offerings.


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