July 26

Christmas in July!
Worship 10:30 am in Zoom

We are still using Zoom video meetings for worship, but as of July a few people can join in person in the church breezeway each week.  Reservations and other health safety measures are required.

Visitors and guests are welcome! Please email the pastor, for the connection info to join us online, or for a reservation to worship in person.  You can join with the Zoom application, with your web browser, or by telephone.

We include our worship media and children's story below for any who cannot join or wish to revisit our worship.  You can also support your church and local missions.


The Story of Zacchaeus

 One day, Jesus was walking through the city of Jericho. A man named Zacchaeus lived there. He was a rich man who worked as a tax collector for the Roman government. Zacchaeus was rich because he demanded more money from the Jews than the Romans required. He kept the extra for himself. Of course, that made the Jews angry. Life was hard enough for them under Roman rule, without having one of their own people stealing from them. You can bet no one wanted to be Zacchaeus’ friend!

       Zacchaeus had heard about Jesus. When he realized Jesus was coming down the road, he went out to see him. Zacchaeus was a short man, though, and he couldn’t see over the crowd. Quickly he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree. From up in the branches, he could see Jesus easily.

       Imagine how surprised Zacchaeus was when Jesus got to the tree, looked up, and said,

       “Zacchaeus! Come down. I’m going to your house today.”

       What an honor! Zacchaeus slid down the trunk of the tree, proud and excited that Jesus knew who he was and wanted to visit his home. The other people weren’t so pleased.

       “Jesus is going to the house of a sinful man,” they whispered. “Zacchaeus cheats and steals. Even though he’s a Jew too, he works for our enemies – the Romans!”

       But Zacchaeus stood up in front of everyone, and told Jesus,

       “Lord, I’m giving half of everything I own to the poor.” He looked around at the crowd. “And to the people I cheated, I’m giving back four times the amount I took from them.”

       “This is why I came,” said Jesus. “To look for lost people and to save them. Today you have been saved!” 

       I wonder what made Zacchaeus decide to change?

       I wonder what Jesus meant when he talked about lost people?

       I wonder what it means to be saved by Jesus?

       I wonder if Zacchaeus had friends after he met Jesus?


Sharing Our Gifts

Our mission team invite you to make an extra offering supporting local organizations  Ecumenical Hunger Program, the Mountain View Day Worker Center, and the homeless outreach and services organization Life Moves.  All are serving increased need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please give generously, using the button below to visit our online portal or by mailing a check to the church office. Use the memo field of your check or the Notes box in the online giving form to designate special mission offerings.


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