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The Story of the Persistent Widow and the Unrighteous Judge

One day Jesus told his followers a story that was meant to teach them to never give up, but to always pray. The story was about an unrighteous judge and a widow – a woman whose husband had died. The judge didn’t fear God, and he didn’t respect people. The widow was being mistreated, but when she came to the judge and asked for justice, the judge ignored her.

The widow didn’t give up, though. She went to the judge again and again and demanded justice. Can you imagine it? When the judge went to market, the widow would run to him and ask for his help. She stopped him in the street and reminded him of her situation. She knocked on his door and called to him through the window of his house.

“I have been wronged, give me justice!” she cried.

The unrighteous judge got so sick of her pestering him, he felt like tearing his hair out!

“I don’t fear God, or respect people, but I’ll give this widow justice just to get her to quit bothering me. She’s about to wear me out with her constant demands!”

Then Jesus said to his followers, “You heard what the judge said. And if an unrighteous judge will do that, don’t you think a righteous God will grant justice to his children who pray to him day and night? Do you think he’ll take a long time to do it? No, he will help them quickly! And yet, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?

I wonder what justice means?

I wonder why sometimes it seems like God takes a long time to answer our prayers?

I wonder why Jesus asked his followers if the Son of Man would find faith on earth?

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