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Mission Statement

 Covenant Presbyterian Church

Covenant welcomes all God’s people in worship,

regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. 

Sustained by Word and Sacrament and restored in prayer,

we give joyful thanks to God through music and praise in worship.
A multi-generational and multi-cultural church,

we find strength in our diversity,

united under Christ. 

We nurture and support one another through fellowship

as a warm and welcoming family.

Many of our members are active in ministering

to the needs of our world through

local and international organizations. 

Our church grounds provide a home to many community groups. 

Recognizing that the needs in our community may be changing,

we are challenged to find new ways to utilize our facilities, gifts, and resources.

We are grateful for our senior members, and we continue to seek new ways

to develop the faith of our youth.

We offer programs and activities to encourage all – young and old alike

– to learn from one another,

grow together, and be refreshed in spirit,

so that we can do Christ’s work.

Jesus told his disciples, “Feed my sheep.” 

Fed by our joy in worship and fellowship, we are now called to share God’s love.

Our mission is clear: to grow – in faithfulness, energy, and spirituality,

in welcoming newcomers, in caring for each other

and cherishing our diverse gifts,

in replenishing and sustaining our church family,

and in reaching out in generous and loving ministry to do God’s work in the world.

Mission Statement adopted by the session on November 5, 2008,

reaffirmed September 9, 2021.

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