December 2017


Just received lots of seminary books

In December I gladly accepted a donation of six boxes of seminary books. Now I am looking for a helper or two as I begin to go through them. The library space is close to capacity presently, so deciding to keep a large number means we also need to dis- pose of a large number, and this is a challenge. But I look forward to it.

I quickly found two by Walter Wink about truth vs. power to add to our Walter Wink collection and one by N. T. Wright on Jesus which seems like a must have. Next I found Devotional Classics (1993) by Richard Foster and James Smith to add to our Richard Foster collection. Thus far, as I am going through these six boxes, I am rejecting (tentatively) about four out of five. If you have an interest in helping, please see me. Thank you, Jenni Bales, for the donation.

I hope all Covenant members and friends, who are all always welcome to use our Fireside Room Library, realize that the library’s purpose is to help each of us in the pursuit of our faith-and-service lives. We have books, DVDs, periodicals, and feature articles saved from magazines. We have a large collection of assorted Bibles and old hymnals. We have a number of excellent Bible dictionaries and Bible atlases in our reference section.

After becoming your librarian in 1990 and finding that our large collections of older children’s Bible-story books and Junior High Sunday School books were, sadly, of virtually no interest any more, I discarded by giving away appropriately over 90% of them and built our current Children’s and Youth section.  A user’s guide and a catalog system are available in the library and also on the church website.

I write book commentaries for the newsletter, and I invite others to so the same. I would prefer that maintaining our library be more of a collaborative process than it has been. For me in this case, the more the merrier.

Rudy Dyck, Librarian