Two figures standing by a bush

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

One day, Jesus and his disciples came across a man who was blind. He couldn’t see at all. In those days, if someone was disabled or sick, people thought it was because that person or his parents had done something wrong.

“Who sinned?” the disciples asked Jesus. “This man, or his parents?”

“Neither,” answered Jesus. “He is blind so that others will see how great God is.”

Jesus spit on the dirt and made mud. He gently put the mud on the man’s eyes and told him to go and wash it off in the pool of Siloam. The man did, and from that moment he was able to see flowers, birds, blue sky and green hills. He could see the faces of his mom and dad for the very first time!

Some people were angry. They said Jesus broke a rule by healing someone on the day of rest. They weren’t blind, but they refused to see the truth. They shouted at the man who had been blind and threw him out of the temple.

Jesus looked for the man who used to be blind, till he found him.

“Do you believe in the son of man?” Jesus asked.

“Tell me who he is, so I can believe”, said the man.
“He is standing before you”, answered Jesus. He was talking about himself.

“Lord, I believe,” cried the man. For the first time he saw and understood how great God is.