Jesus Heals a Woman and a Little Girl

Today’s tableau shows the healing of Jairus’ daughter. It was created during a Sunday School class by one of our creative elementary school children, using classroom materials.

Jairus falling at Jesus feet
servant at the door of Jairus’ home, about to let Jesus and Jairus in
Jesus, at the little girl’s bedside, with her parents
Jesus, the little girl, and her parents around a table of food

     Jesus was with his disciples and a large crowd of people when Jairus, an official from the synagogue came running up. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet.

     “Please come quickly,” he cried. “My little girl is sick. Please come and heal her!”

     Jesus started off with Jairus , but the large crowd of people around them made it hard to move quickly. 


     There was a woman in the crowd who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years.  No doctor had been able to help her.

     “Jesus can heal me,” she thought, and she reached out her hand and touched Jesus’ cloak. It was true. Just like that, she was healed.

     Jesus stopped walking. He looked around.

     “Who touched my cloak,” he asked. 

     (I wonder what Jairus thought, when Jesus stopped to ask this question as they were on the way to see his daughter?”)

     Trembling with fear, the woman came forward and knelt before Jesus. She told him the truth.

     “Your faith has made you well,” said Jesus. “Go in peace.”

     (I wonder what the woman did next? Go home? Tell her friends? Follow Jesus?”)

     Just then, messengers came running up, with the terrible news that Jairus’ daughter had died.”

     (I wonder what Jairus felt when he heard the news?”)

     Jesus ignored them.

     “Don’t be afraid, believe in God,” Jesus told Jairus. “Let’s go.”

     Peter, James and John went with them. When they approached the house, they could see things were in an uproar. Broken-hearted people were crying loudly. 

     Jesus walked straight to where the girl lay in her bed.

     “This child isn’t dead,” he said. “She’s sleeping.”


     Some people began to make fun of Jesus. He made everyone leave the room, except the girl’s parents, Peter, James and John, then he gently took the girl’s hand. 

     “Get up little girl,” said Jesus. 

     To the amazement and joy of her parents, the girl got up at once and walked!

     “Don’t tell anyone what happened,” Jesus told them. “Give her something to eat.”

     I wonder why Jesus didn’t want the parents to tell anyone what happened?

     I wonder if Jesus said anything else to the girl, or if she said anything to him?

     I wonder what Peter, James and John thought?

     I wonder if the little girl one day told her own children what Jesus had done for her?