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A Farmer Went Out to Plant


 Jesus told this story to a group of people:

    A farmer went out to plant seeds. As he walked up and down the field he threw out big handfuls of seeds that fell to the ground. 

     Some of the seeds fell on ground so hard, the seeds couldn’t sink in. Birds swooped down and ate them up. 

     Some of the seeds fell on rocky ground. The seeds started to grow, but there were too many rocks and not enough dirt. The roots couldn’t go deep, so the plants turned brown and died.

     Some seeds fell on ground that was covered with thorn bushes. The seeds started to grow, but the thorn bushes were so thick, there wasn’t room for new plants. They stayed small and weak.

     Some of the seeds fell on good ground. The dirt was soft and when the seeds started to grow, they sent down deep roots. The plants grew tall and strong and produced lots of fruit.

     The disciples didn’t understand what Jesus was talking about. “What does this story mean?” they asked Jesus.

     “Pretend I’m the farmer,” said Jesus. “But instead of planting seeds in the dirt, I plant stories in people’s hearts that will help them know God and understand the Good News I bring. 

     Some people are like the seeds that fell on hard ground. They hearts are hard too, and though they hear the Good News, but don’t receive it or learn from my stories. 

     Some people are like seeds that fall on rocky soil. They hear the Good News and start to grow. But when life gets hard, or they run into problems, they lose interest in the Good News and their faith stays small.

     Some people are like seeds that fall on thorny ground. They let other things crowd me out. They don’t leave room for me, or the Good News, so they don’t grow.

     But some people are like seeds that fall on good earth. Their hearts are soft. They hear my stories, and believe my Good News. They grow into people with strong faith and do many good things for God.

     I wonder what the Good News is?

     I wonder how I can be like a seed that falls on good ground?

     I wonder what it means to have a soft heart?

     I wonder what I can do for God?