Our History:

The Church That Grew in the Pea Patch

We started from a pea patch.

We started from a pea patch.

Covenant’s founding pastor, Rev. Arthur C. Brown, Jr., and one of its first members, John Keith, who documented Art’s prose with many early photographs, titled their retrospective, written for our 25th Anniversary Celebration, “From Pea Patch to Padded Pew.”

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How we became part of the neighborhood.

In July, 1951, Rev. Brown, who was then an Assistant Pastor at downtown Palo Alto’s First Presbyterian Church, was commissioned by the San Jose Presbytery to organize a new church in south Palo Alto’s growing neighborhoods.

Rev. Brown and his wife Inez led Covenant through its first twenty-three years, including the dedication of the Sanctuary in 1966.  Since then Covenant has been blessed by the leadership and spiritual talents of four succeeding pastors: Rev. Dr. Donald E. Mason, 1975-1991; Rev. Rebecca King, 1992-1997; Rev. Dr. Isaiah Jones, Jr., 1997-2007; and Rev. Dr. Margaret Willis Boles, 2010-present.  In addition, we have enjoyed the leadership of several Assistant and Associate Pastors, talented Interim Pastors, and numerous seminary interns who found Covenant a good place to learn to be a pastor.