Advent  Ponderings

Someone has said that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was like the eye of a hurricane.  For a moment there was a peace that passes understanding, a breaking in of the kingdom.  A breaking in that didn’t deny the pain or the hurt of the world, but that happened in spite of it. 

Our times are not unlike the times of Jesus’ birth.  There is very real and present danger in our world, and suffering abounds.  It is in these times that we need a faith that is courageous, a faith that is willing to surrender to the mystery of God.

Reinhold Niebuhr called this faith the impossible possibility.  To believe in God when life is difficult requires a willingness to live with contradiction.  But impossibility cannot nurture hope.  Only faith can do that, and God’s love shown to us in Jesus Christ has given faith’s possibility the last word.

During this Advent Season I invite you to reflect on the word WONDER

Where in your life have you encountered the mystery of God?

Bill Brown, a professor at Columbia Theological Seminary, says that WONDER lies at the core of Faith.  It drives our questions and gives us courage to practice our faith.

On December 2, the first Sunday of Advent, you will be given a gift.  Several members and friends of Covenant have helped me create a devotional book for Advent.  The theme is WONDER.  Each day as you make your way to Bethlehem, you will have a guide to lead you and encourage you.  May you find surprises along the way and the gifts of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy!

Your Pastor and Fellow Traveler,