Covenant’s Men’s Group meets for breakfast on the third Saturday morning of every month in the Fireside Room.  Our meetings generally focus on Biblical study and sharing events in our lives. We continue to encourage the young men in our congregation, as we welcome and encourage all men, to attend our breakfasts, retreats, and other gatherings. Our time together has provided a terrific opportunity for us to learn from each other, to help each other through work and family difficulties, and to grow spiritually.

Since our retreat led by Rev. Ryan Althaus, we’ve discussed making regular trips to Santa Cruz after men’s breakfast—not all of us every time, but as many of us who want to or can go on a Saturday after we meet for breakfast. What we do when we get there is open for discussion—maybe working in the homeless garden, maybe just hanging out with some of the guys, maybe something else. Ryan will have suggestions.  We will also continue our conversation about whether a group of us who are interested might be able to buy a car or an RV for one of the homeless guys.

All men are welcome at all men’s group events. Please join us, and feel free to bring a friend.