July 2018


Here are two new additions to our library that stood out for me from among a large bagful of recently donated books.

Where’s God?, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, is mainly for kids but is also clearly going to be a blessing for any adult reading to a kid. It is a conversation between a boy and his grandfather. Schlessinger is a talk-show host, child and family therapist, and author of at least three children’s books. The way she tells her story seems perfectly directed to the average kid’s heart and mind. The illustrations by Daniel McFeeley seem likewise per- fectly directed.

The second addition is like an encyclopedia for parents on ways to handle challenging topics that come up with pre-teens and teenagers. There are 100 topics in the pre-teen sec-tion and 88 topics in the teen section. I read a few of the concise topical treatments and liked the substance and style a great deal. More difficult than the content is making sense out of the book’s title: The Big Book of How to Say It ®, Kids; includes the complete texts of How to Say It ® to Your Kids by Dr. Paul Coleman & How to Say It ® to Teens by Richard Heyman. Yes, all of that really is the title of the book.

I welcome your comments on these two books.

Rudy Dyck, Librarian