April 2018


See 2017 PDA Annual Report in Periodical Display

In the periodical display in the library, one publication that we receive is the Mission Mosaic quarterly. The latest issue is an annual report from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) agency. I recommend this issue especially to your reading.

Here are some of the facts that are reported: over $4 million was dispersed globally, over $1.7 million in the U.S. It supported over 7,000 work team volunteers who spent over 200,000 hours as volunteer labor. It deployed 95 team members for hurricane disaster, 27 for flood disaster, 15 for fire disaster, 14 for human- caused disaster/trauma, 10 for tornado disaster, and 10 for refugee ministry. It worked with Church World Service to distribute over 240,000 Gift of the Heart kits and blankets. This issue is 28 pages long with many moving photos and stories. Are you not impressed? This is our denomination at work in time of need.

I continue to have a need for some help going through donated books, selecting, and discarding. Having a second opinion for as little as one hour, working primarily in my garage, would help me. If you can help, please let me know!

Rudy Dyck, Librarian