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This is a self-service library for members and friends of this church. Whenever the room is open you are welcome to browse, check out books and other materials, and return them. The checkout system is simple: you find an unused 8.5×11-inch yellow “Placecard”, kept on a shelf by these posted instructions and also at the end of the “New Additions” shelf; you fill out the form giving a description of the item and your name, phone number and date borrowed; and you leave the Placecard right at the space where you found the item.

We ask that you return the item as soon as you are finished with it; there is no specific loan period. After you have returned the item to its original space, it is important to cross out your name from the Placecard. Then return it to one of the locations for unused Placecards. Additional library information may be found in the purple binder so labeled, located by this posted sign.

Organization of the library: The accompanying map, provided in our Tutorial section, gives locations of the principal sections of the library. The main section is organized according to the well-known Dewey Decimal System, although ours is a simplified system that omits decimal fractions. (The map shows that there is, in addition to the main section, a (rather small) juvenile section, a Presbyterian section, and a large reference section that includes Bibles, hymnals, Bible commentaries and concordances, etc.)

For assistance you are welcome to call me at home at 650-493-3584 or email me at

Rudy Dyck, librarian

For information on new books visit the Library blog.


To answer questions you may have, the attached link provides a tutorial on how to use the Fireside Room Library at Covenant.



Map of principal sections of our Fireside Room Library.

Library Catalog

Below are links to our library catalog.  Items are listed in order by Title, Call Number, and Author for your convenience.  Please on a link below to browse our inventory.

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