Here I Am Lord, Send Me

As you know, our summer of visiting our supporting churches was changed, and God called us to go be with Brian’s mother, Phyllis, in Washington. Thankfully, Cindy Sauln was willing to channel me and share the sermon that I had prepared. That could only have happened with our connection with you all at Covenant. Thank you for the love and support that you have given to us in so many ways.

Amazingly, Phyllis has risen once again, and I believe it is from the love and prayers she’s been receiving from so many and our ability to take the time to be with her. She is now spending her summer months at her home on Lake Pend Oreille. She’s quite fragile using a cane or walker, but she’s been swimming in the lake. She’s had someone with her most of the time, and she’s realizing that her totally independent living days are changing.  But thanks be to God, she gets to spend some time in her favorite place. It may be the last, but we are grateful to have been here with her, enjoying some very precious time.

We are about ready to return to Guatemala. We will be jumping back in with the August domestic violence/sexual assault training with 40+ Guatemalan women. Brian will be off visiting a presbytery and supporting the men to move forward with the Men in the Mirror curriculum. In September, we will be visiting the two micro-credit sites, hoping that they begin in the next few months.

October proves to be an exciting month with a visit from Covenant. We look forward to sharing “in person” our life in Guatemala. I know that once you visit, your relationship with Guatemala can only deepen.

So we listened to God’s call, and we are glad! Thank you all for understanding and for your continued love and support.

Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer



Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer